The U2 Conference 2018 will meet from 13-15 June, 2018, in Belfast at Queen’s University in partnerships with The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, Queen’s, the National Museums of Northern Ireland, and Fitzroy Presbyterian Church.

Sessions are designed to appeal to academic and general audiences on the theme U2: POPVision. We will discuss U2’s Pop era as well as the larger topic of popular music’s power to cast visions that shape, construct and complicate broader cultural conversations, in which U2’s visions have long been engaged. Please see the U2CON 2018 page for more information on the theme.

The Keynote Speakers for the U2 Conference 2018 are Catherine Owens and Stuart Bailie.
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The U2 Conference brings together students, scholars, fans, critics, artists, authors and historians for furthering our critical appreciation of the music, work and influence of U2. Our gatherings are just as communal and experiential as they are educational.

The U2 Studies Network supports academic and general interest in learning more about U2. Everyone is welcome to read, share and ask research questions on the U2 Studies network blog and consult the U2 Studies bibliography.

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