The resources under this menu are offered to help you conduct your study of U2. While not an exhaustive listing, these materials provide reliable, well-researched and accessible information, ranging from items appropriate to the young student through the high school and collegiate levels, to the professional music critic or academic scholar.

This site does not list U2’s extensive catalog of work, nor is it affiliated with U2’s official site.

I will be updating this site as new material becomes available and is selected to include here. If you know of a item to recommend as a resource for studying U2, please notify me through the contact form.

Please see below for more information about our resources. Best wishes for your discoveries.

– Scott Calhoun


If you are researching or writing about U2 and would like to speak with someone about your project, please use the contact form to send your inquiry to Scott Calhoun, the conference director.

Currently, the resources offered here are:


* @U2 is one of the best sites for news, original reporting, photos, lyrics and more about U2. Founded in 1995 and based in the U.S., @U2 is an award-winning site that has been honored by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hot Press, NME, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and others. @U2 has a free subscription service for news and updates via email and is present on all the major social networking sites. @U2’s staff also write essays and blog posts about U2, and maintain biographies on each member of U2 as well as on U2 as a band. I highly recommend you visit @U2’s website to stay current with all that happens related to U2.

* is the official website for U2 and offers all the information you would expect to find about their albums, lyrics, tours, photos, videos, ticket-sales, and merchandise. For those who pay to subscribe to’s membership area, additional video, blog posts and other information are available.

* specializes in information about all of U2’s tours, setlists, and reviews of live performances.

*U2 Sermons is a blog maintained by Beth Maynard that observes the continuing dialogue between U2’s work and theology.

For following U2 news and information for non-English readers:

* offers news and information, with a good archive of past information, for German-language readers.

* is a good resource for Italian-language readers.

* U2Achtung offers news and information, with a good archive of past articles, for French-language readers.

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