The U2 Conference and @U2 are excited to have the legendary Unforgettable Fire from New York City join our program and play at our post-program party at the Hard Rock Cafe, Saturday, April 27.

Unforgettable Fire will be the panelists Saturday morning for the “U2′s Sound Explained for Non-Musicians” session. The band members will discuss what it takes to sound like U2 and the challenges certain songs throughout U2’s career create for a U2 tribute band. But they won’t just discuss U2’s sound, they will perform examples too. To attend this and all program sessions for the whole weekend, register here.

Later that evening, Unforgettable Fire will play at the Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland at our post-program party. We invite all conference attendees to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and a show. (It’s a short walk from the Marriott Key Center hotel.) Tickets for the show are $10 at the door.  Show time is 9 p.m., and we encourage you to arrive early as the show will also be open to the public. You’ll have the option of purchasing dinner and drinks from the full menu in the restaurant before the show and all evening.

Unforgettable Fire, or “UF,” is the longest running U2 tribute band in America, performing for over 18 years in some of the most prestigious venues and nightclubs around the country. Based in New York City, UF has earned a reputation among many as being one of the closest experiences to an actual live U2 concert. Highly respected in the tribute band community for their performance, the members of UF are also very dedicated fans of U2, and strive for complete authenticity while playing a very impressive array of U2’s material from the pre-Boy era to the most recent studio releases. Experience UF, a U2 show like no other!

Be sure to visit Unforgettable Fire’s website for more information about the band and videos of live performances.


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