Heartland: U2’s Looking For American Soul
An International Virtual U2 Conference For Scholars And Fans
October 18 – 24, 2020

U2 fans have proved to be the hearts and minds of a great U2 Conference. Especially in these challenging times, we can’t do it without you and we wouldn’t want to try. By extending the boundaries digitally, you don’t have to have to leave your own space to be part of this U2 conference.

Keeping in mind our conference theme for 2020 of “Heartland: U2’s Looking for American Soul,” you can be on the program in a variety of ways:

  • by giving a presentation
  • by speaking on a panel you’ve organised with friends
  • by leading an open-call round-table discussion on a topic of your choice
  • by interviewing a person of interest to the U2 community on a topic relevant to the conference theme
  • by presenting a poster in real-time or as pre-recorded
  • by creating and narrating a gallery or similar media presentation either in real-time or as pre-recorded
  • by leading a chat room or roundtable discussion on a topic you propose about U2 that’s relevant to the conference theme
  • by leading a book or film discussion after the attendees experience the media
  • by presenting a creative performance or demonstration relevant to the conference theme in a real-time or pre-recorded session, then participating in a live Q&A 
  • by sharing your own creative expression of your U2 fandom
  • by a different way that you propose

There are many ways to contribute and we are open to your suggestions about topics related to the conference theme, from discussing what you think is an essential American playlist of U2’s songs, to talking about your perspective as a non-American fan of U2’s relationship with America, to how U2 has challenged you in your political activism either in America or in your home country. Please see our Call For Presentations for a list of even more topic suggestions.

The deadline for all proposal materials is August 31, 2020. Proposals should be 250-300 words of description or a 3-4 minute video clip, followed by the presenter’s CV. Submit all proposals to

Attendees who wish to chair or host a session not their own should submit a separate proposal of about 100 words expressing your interest, including full name, affiliation, status as fan, student, scholar or other, experience in virtual event formats, and contact information.

Decisions and replies from the conference committee will be made on a rolling basis as proposals come in, with all decisions made by September 10. All presenters are expected to pay the modest registration fee but will receive a discount. Please send all questions about proposals to

Conference Coordinators:

The U2 Conference logo and branding images by Beth Nabi.