Tell us about the research, writing, or other scholarly/professional work about U2 you are doing and we will share it on the U2 Studies Network for others to learn about and comment on. We are interested in hearing from the international network of U2 fans and scholars.

Check out the U2 Bibliography to see a selective list of published resources about U2. If you have a new publication, we’d be glad to consider adding it to this list.

Use the submission form below to write a blog post about your information. All posts remain archived on this site and are searchable.

Examples of U2 Studies we’d like to know about:

  • Published print or online writing about U2: essays, journal articles, book reviews, monographs, book
  • Published, curated, or performed work about U2: exhibitions, installations, compositions, creative performances
  • A presentation about U2, either upcoming or completed
  • A sermon or speaking series about U2
  • Commissioned/funded work about U2 you are starting
  • Research projects about U2 in which you are involved
  • Conference Call For Papers which U2 scholars might want to know about
  • Notices of conferences, meetings, or gatherings which U2 scholars might want to attend
  • Other: let us know!

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