STEVE AVERILL, Senior Art Director, AMP Visual

While growing up, two things were of prime interest to Steve Averill: music and graphics, and from early on he sought ways to combine the two. The first real opportunity to bring them together came when he founded The Radiators From Space and designed their first single cover which was instrumental in getting the band a record deal. This, in turn, led to an approach from a young bass player named Adam Clayton seeking advice for his band, then know as The Hype. An early Averill suggestion was to change that name. His suggestion was U2. The band won a competition under that name and so stuck with it. The rest of their history since then is fairly well-known!

Averill began his career in the creative industry as a advertising art director. He eventually became the creative director of an upcoming agency before setting up a dedicated design consultancy that specialized in entertainment and music industry projects. During the 1980s and 90s, they worked with most of the best Irish-based acts, including The Dubliners, The Hothouse Flowers, Aslan and Clannad.

Some international clients with whom they worked have included Elvis Costello (when he was an Irish resident), Depeche Mode, and renowned photographers including Anton Corbijn, Jill Furmanovsky and Brian Griffen. There have also been a host of UK and Irish bands and solo artists since that time.

In the current incarnation as AMP Visual, Averill works with designers Shaughn McGrath and Gary Kelly for such international acts as The Script, Nashville-based artists Dierks Bentley, and The Mavericks — as well as continuing his long-term relationship with U2.

Averill, under his stage name of Steve Rapid, continues to perform with his Radiators from Space colleagues as The Trouble Pilgrims. The Radiators from Space last year released an acclaimed album Sound City Beat on the Chiswick label.

The U2 Conference logo and branding images by Beth Nabi.