Laureen Cermelj Reviews U2’s Songs of Experience

Songs of Experience coverU2 Album Review: Songs of Experience

LOVE EXPERIENCE ! – PHEW (Secretly Afraid That I Might Not)
Laureen Cermelj

I had to walk past it while waiting for my copy to arrive by mail.  When I explained this to my elderly mother, she bought me the CD from the mall as my Christmas present.  That way I can have one copy for the car and one for the house.  She said she knows how important U2’s music is to me.  She is so sweet !!!

Try this.  Track 17: “You’re the Best Thing About Me U2 vs. KYGO.” Crank the volume then close your eyes.  It’s like Bono is calling out the song to you in a dream that’s slightly fading in and out.

I was pleased to see “Ordinary Love” on the song list as I missed seeing it on Songs of Innocence.  I love how some of the song-threads weave back into songs from Innocence, linking the two albums together.

The image of the band member’s offspring on the cover does nothing for me.  It looks creepy like an image from a horror movie.  Then again, I didn’t “get” the photo for the cover of Innocence either.  Larry hugging a man’s lower abdomen (later to discover it was his son – which did nothing to raise my opinion of it).

I’ve never written a comment on but feel more comfortable on this site.  This site isn’t just about U2’s music but also about the men behind the music.

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