Brian O’Neal has more than twenty years of experience in the public relations and media promotions industry, having worked for The Wasserman Group, Universal Music Group, and now Brian O’Neal Public Relations. As Vice-President and Co-Founder with Paul Wasserman of The Wasserman Group, he represented U2 for publicity campaigns in America in the 1990s as well as other musical icons including James Taylor, Bon Jovi, Keith Richards, John Lee Hooker, Depeche Mode, and Etta James.

Working alongside Wasserman, who had worked with U2 since their first U.S. campaign in the 1980s, O’Neal was the national publicist for Achtung Baby  and the Zoo TV tour. He created publicity strategies for U2’s mid-90s projects the Zooropa album, “The Theme from Mission: Impossible” single, the Passengers album, and U2’s work with Greenpeace and other organizations. He also worked on U.S. campaigns to promote the Pop album while going on the road with the PopMart tour and on location for related music video shoots. O’Neal worked closely with the band, Paul McGuinness, and Island Records and has unique, first-hand insights into how U2 transformed its brand and its marketing strategies in the 1990s.

O’Neal’s extensive background also includes strategy and execution of worldwide media and grassroots marketing campaigns for the music industry’s first major broadband programming initiative in conjunction with Internet Service Providers, and he launched public relations campaigns for Yahoo! Entertainment, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Auctions, and Yahoo! Sports, while also playing and active role in the initial brand development of Yahoo! as it transitioned to its initial public offering as a publicly held company.

Now for Brian O’Neal Public Relations, based in Los Angeles, he specializes in developing and executing strategic marketing and press campaigns with integrated social media services for content creators, technology leaders, and stealth start-ups.

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