The U2 Conference meets April 26-27, 2013, in Cleveland, Ohio. We are planning for a pre-program event the evening of April 25, and a post-program event on the evening of the 27th.

For quick reference, we list here the Academic Sessions on the schedule.  Our full schedule is here.

Session 1A (Academic): Cannibals and Thieves: Transforming Sound and Sense

Chair: Christopher Endrinal

  1. “From the Ground Up: A Post-Structuralist Account of U2’s Transformation in the Achtung Baby Era.” Veldon Coburn
  2. “Transmogrification and Transfiguration in ‘Another Time, Another Place’ and ‘Gloria.’” Paul Harris
  3. “Transcending Rock, Translating Dance, and Transforming Pop: U2 and Electronic Dance Music Aesthetics in the 1990s.” Ed Montano

Session 1C (Academic): “It’s No Secret”: The Process of Representation

Chair: Carol Burg

  1. “What You Don’t Have You Don’t Need It Now: How the World’s Most Iconic Band Got There Without a Logo.” Beth Nabi
  2. “She Cats and The Fly on the Wall: Transforming the Boy/Girls from Dublin in U2’s Achtung Baby.” William R. Upchurch
  3. “‘A Dangerous Idea That Almost Makes Sense’: Conceiving (AchtungBaby When ‘Sensemaking’ Made Sense.’” Chris Wales

Session 2A (Academic): “We’re One, but We’re Not the Same”: Individuality In (and Beyond) the Band

Chair: TBD

  1. “The Edge as a Trans-Media Character in the Films of Davis Guggenheim.” Alfred B. Johnson
  2. “I Just Keep the Bottom End Moving: Adam Clayton’s Minimalist Bass Aesthetic.” Brian Wright
  3. “Bono & U2’s Transformation of Celebrity Social Activism Into Social Entrepreneurship and Social Justice.” Jennifer Schaefer

Session 2C (Academic): “Play the Blues”: Performing and Appropriating Blackness in U2’s Music

Chair: Ann Spinney

  1. “From ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ to ‘Angel of Harlem’: Irishness, American Blackness, and U2’s Authentic Performativity.” Kimberly Mack
  2. “Race and Rattle and Hum 25 Years On.” Lauren Onkey

Session 2E: (Academic): “Window in the Skies”: The Transmission of Sacred Themes in U2’s Music

Chair: Michael Sullivan

  1. “May Your Dreams Be Realized: U2 and MLK’s Speeches.” Kristi York Wooten
  2. “Into the Half-Light: Ireland as An Archetypal ‘Thin’ Place.” Michael Sullivan
  3. “Mysterious Ways: U2 Fandom and Transformation.” Joshua Case
  4. “Elevation: God on Tour with U2.” Edwin Beckham

Session 3A (Academic):  “Stateless”: U2’s Public and Private Spaces

Chair: Sam Lovato

  1. “’I Go There With You’: The Dimension of Place in U2’s Studio Recordings, Videos, and Concert Sites.” Joel Deichmann
  2. “Moment of Surrender: Shared Creation in the U2 Live Experience.” Matthew Hamilton
  3. “U2’s Transformation of the Daily Into the Sublime.” Carol Burg

Session 3C (Academic): “Take This Soul and Make it Sing”: Constructing Community

Chair: Tim Neufeld

  1. “Transgressing Theology: Locating Jesus in a ‘F—ed-Up World.’” Theodore Trost
  2. “A Communion of Transcendence: U2 and The Eucharist.” Kristen Pungitore and James Menkhaus
  3. “Have I Finally Found What I Was Looking For?: Charitably Reading U2 for Grace, Love, and Transcendence.” Christopher E. Garrett

Session 4A (Academic): “Got To Stand Up and Take a Step”: U2 in Praxis

Chair: William R. Upchurch

  1. “More Than Shopping Our Way to a Cure? The (Perceived) Transgressive Nature of the RED Campaign and Its Affect on U2’s Ethos as Justice Advocates.” Laurie Ann Britt-Smith
  2. “Bono’s Psalter.” Andrew Smith
  3.  “Rock Star Realpolitik: U2’s Transgression?” Stuart Krusell

Session 4C (Academic): “Still Looking For The Face I Had Before the World Was Made”: Searching for the Authentic Self

Chair:  Brian Wright

  1. “Out of the Transitory and Into the Transcendent: Finding Continued Relevancy for U2 and Its Fans.” Brigitte Harmon-Porter and Brian Porter
  2. “Tearing Down the Walls: U2 and the Irish Desire for Transcendence.” Arlan Hess






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