I suggest these additional sites to help you with your research:

  • @U2 is the best English-language site for reliable news, original staff-based reporting, tour archives, lyrics, forum boards and more. Founded in 1995 and based in the U.S., @U2 has been honored by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hot Press, NME, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. @U2 has a free subscription service for news and updates via email and is present on all major social network¬†platforms.
  • U2.com is the official website for U2 and offers all the information you would expect to find about albums, lyrics, tours, photos, videos, ticket-sales, and merchandise. For those who pay to subscribe to U2.com’s membership area, additional video, blog posts and other information are available.
  • U2 Sermons is a blog maintained by Rev. Beth Maynard that observes the continuing dialogue between U2’s work and theology.
  • U2Tour.de offers news and information, with a good archive of past information, for German-language readers.
  • U2Place.com is a good resource for Italian-language readers.
  • U2Achtung offers news and information, with a good archive of past articles, for French-language readers.

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